GTD (Getting Things Done) Tuesday Post – June 2…

Sorry to pick up from nowhere but please search this blog for GTD for more…

And just for the record, I do not work for or am affiliated with DoIt.IM – indeed I am a bit worried that leaning on the software too much (and then having the company vanish) could be a liability…but I am still doing well with this combination.

Getting very into the book this week.

  • Understanding Context much better now…you do the things you can do in that place…Not so afraid to spawn off projects into what they literally should be…anything I want to do that requires multiple steps to complete…which is everything, pretty much
  • Lots on reference…so much I needed to add a “Create a great reference system” Project with steps referencing the book
  • Today I ran into “day specific reminders” – something I am already doing but leaving myself a Calendar task to look over what I have and a few nice lists in the book.  Things like “I want to think about this one this day” – careers, events, possibilities
  • Finally got to the “Tickler File” – something I was worried wasn’t in the DoIt software this looks like it is already handled by my use of DoIt.IM – and it looks like I am already tickling….things like “this has to be done on a certain day” – again, Calendar tasks – things that allow you to empty your mind of the stress of keeping track of it all.  The key to this – and all of GTD – is to use something you trust and review it regularly.  To get it out of your head and into something external.  These two bullets represent some intuition I already had about the system that now lets me see the difference between Next (which is next time I am free) and putting something on a calendar and pushing it back until it and the entire calendar becomes meaningless – I had been doing this.
  • Left off reading the Checklists:Creative and Constructive Reminders section

Going well!


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