Headquarters by The Monkees

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The Free Music Machine

Their first album where they played their own instruments, more or less…this also features the delicious talents of Turtles bassist and arranger Chip Douglas. This album is a great mix of garage, bubblegum and polish. This is quality POP, no question about it.


I tend to judge a Monkees album on the quality of the Davy Jones songs because they tend to be the worst. “Shades Of Grey” passes the test. I guess this was their “As Time Goes By” and frankly I like this better. “I Can’t Get Her Off Of My Mind” is another story – pedestrian schlock, say no more. Worst ending to an album side ever – they should have flew in “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” – a favorite inside of my head since I was a wee lad.


Songwriting is top-notch all around, but of course Mike brings the best songs…

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