Beer & Steak by Moodsetters

The was a sound check for the main improvisation that day. Gary P – keyboard drums, Tom B – bass, Jim L – guitar, Ken K – keyboard organ. Vocals – Jim L with Tom and/or Ken (tough to tell). Recorded on May 5, 1999 by Gary P. Music by Brzezinski, Kinnally, Lemanowicz and Pecorino. Mastered by Jim Lemanowicz on 7/17/2016.

Photo by Jim Lemanowicz at Scotty D’s – Minolta XG-A, digital scan 1998.

Hamper (2016 Remix)

Originally released January 5, 2013 on “Third Man Creme” – remixed on May, 29, 2016

Recorded, performed and mixed by Jim Lemanowicz at the Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories Sept 2010-2013

“Third Man Creme” –

Barks, Some by Counter Esperanto Diaries

New track uploaded to Soundcloud – Barks, Some by Counter Esperanto Diaries Jim Lemanowicz – detuned and slide guitar, Tom Brzezinski – whammy Bass, Dan Buxbaum – drums & percussion, Gary Pecorino – drums & percussion .
Recorded by Jim Lemanowicz on 8 Sep 1996 at Uncle Beans Studios. Edited/mastered 2014 at Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories for Blister Pop Unlimited.