Mount Everest Is Growing by Bubble Memory

Jimmy Lem – synth, tablet, field recordings
Paulina Witherspoon – percussion
Orrell Glass – synth, tablet

Recorded by Jim Lemanowicz on location at Marjorie Post Park and at Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories on 26 May 2019, mastered on 27 May 2019 for Blister Pop Unlimited

Brown (version 6)

This track has gone through many versions. The one which appears on The Fairfield Blues ( is version 8, mixed in 2014. This is version 6, mixed in 2011. This version is pretty similar to the released version, enough where it may not warrant inclusion on a longer release. However, I mastered it today (7/4/2017) and am releasing it here for free. The photo here is an alternate idea for that album cover.

This album was an experiment in what I was calling “long-form pop” at the time. I can be extremely critical of these works now but I still can acknowledge that I created them.

Larita’s Theme

Third piece from Moodsetter’s first gig at Border’s – June 13th, 1998. Gary P – keyboard drums, Ken B – bass, Tom B and Jim L – guitars, Ken K – keyboard synth. Recorded by Jim L, Tom B with 2 PZM mics, Gary P – PA mix.

Mastered by Jim L on 1/17/2016. Photo by Debbie I.