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Some changes for the new year(?)

Hecksher Park, Huntington – NY 01 Apr 2017

I’m once again interested in this blog after at least a year or two of near indifference. I work on so many different things and within each are also some very different variations, ranging from very experimental works of my own creation to more accessible creativity as well as works of criticism and social commentary;
– Music
– Writing
– Photography
– Painting/drawing
– Video projects
– Technical IT
– Music gear
– Career
– Life management
– Politics
– Social debate and commentary in the form of critiques of actions vs critiques of people themselves
– Cooking
– Weight loss and health

Conservatory Gardens, Central Park, NYC – 10 May 2019

Each thing has its own audience and needs its own attention. On top of that, some of my social media – like this WordPress blog – is not truly dedicated to a narrow area and instead has become mostly feeds from whatever and wherever I can send to it without much thought. Sadly, I think many new people may come here first because I parked this domain here.

What might happen would be a variation on this;
– Some of the bullet points above could occupy a blog here or mirror another site dedicated to that thing. This page may, for instance, go back to being dedicated to photography and pull from my Flickr again or perhaps my page or some new content to
– A new neutral personal site with pointing there might be built on AWS with becoming my link aggregation site.

Marjorie R. Post Community Park, Massapequa, NY – 03 Jan 2016

I’d also like to dig deep into someone else’s work within each area and maybe establish some more personal and distanced relationships via these types of avenues. It seems like many groups on Facebook and reddit are decent places to discover new people and work and at the same time share my own stuff with people who’d be interested.

Overall, I would like to reckon with the sloppy almost lazy way I do not follow up with social media with the world at large enough and instead bother my friends and family a bit too much about things that they probably aren’t too interested in. In the past, this has led to some strained friendships, leaving Facebook about 3 times and some other shifts and bumps in my continued larger journey as a human being temporarily on this plant, just trying to communicate and make things for whatever reason that would be.

Building next to Forum Diner, Bay Shore, NY – 04 Sep 2016
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Summer Changes – Goodbye Facebook!

I’ve decided to limit my Facebook usage to the point where I will be disabling my personal account with the intent of deletion while keeping certain other pages (for my art and my music) alive under other accounts.  These other accounts will not accept friends.

Facebook announced that it would no longer allow third party apps like Buffer to post on personal accounts.  I’ve been using this to limit my real-time interactive usage for at least a year or two.


Friday night I went to the Whitney Museum in lower Manhattan and was struck by a few things –

  • The amount of people who were lined up just to get into the museum and do something “in real life.”
  • The amount of people looking at their smart phones who were missing out on a fuller experience of art.
  • Instead, people were more interested in the art as something to post online.  This is cool because well…maybe they are artists of one type or another or big fans but it did seem initially somewhat distracting to me – a negative thing.  Not to mention that two people walked into me because they were too busy looking down at their devices.
  • Distraction is distracting!  No other way to say it…


I believe in alternate process.  Believe me, this is no reaction to the “digital world.”  This is no “analog rules” post.  That stuff makes me sick.  I’ve always been an advocate of two things…

#1, There is more than one way to skin a cat, meaning digital art is just as valid, remixing is just as valid and…

#2, Be mindful.  Realize that flipping through a bunch of pages on the MoMA site is not the same as sitting in a museum and getting lost in a painting for more than a half hour.   Both are valid but they should be conscious decisions and appreciated as such.


While I have so much more to say and write and I’m still working on notifying people on Facebook and exchanging contact info, if you care about me just know these three words – it feels right.

Thanks for reading!