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Weekend Crash Time (or “everything is an ellipsis in parentheses and lowercase”)

The first weather-restricting weekend of the season…

First thoughts are “work”…things, tasks, chores, stuff…work…

Move the bicycle indoors…(this is how I get around most of the time)


Fix the pickup on that one guitar…(Jay Turser take on a reversed Ventures-esque Mosrite…I am putting in that foil neck pickup and goofed it up by wiring it incorrectly)


Add more layers to this painting…(named “stop always saying what everyone wants to hear”)


Or this painting…(titled “slowly back and forth in sanguine rhythm”)


Make that honey chicken recipe…(HelloFresh has some great stuff to cook)


Iron clothes…(uggggghhhh)


Dodge all the “work” and drink…(recently a Georgian waitress and friend introduced me to some of the wine traditions of her country)


I’d like to know how to separate myself from this “work” concept and just “be”…because it seems counter-productive (which in and of itself I must admit, ties back into this “work” concept).

I think the best thing I can do is make a commitment to get some shoes on and get out there today…going out to dinner usually helps.  I will make the chicken tomorrow…and of all these things above…most of them have the potential to lift my mood – taking care of the bike for instance, saving money and being so proud to cook my own food…and though it is harder for me to reach into – even ironing clothes to look better…

I would like to work in some other stuff – watch some Hulu (but not too much), read some of the four or so books I am reading (I will bring one when I go out…check out more of that band Warpaint, whose songs like “Beetles” and “Krimson” from their 2008 EP are tattooed looping in my brain…this morning I went over to YouTube and Echo/Alexa and listened to some newer stuff…I liked it all…

I should also own what I have already done – laundry and calling up to set up my exchange for those new reading glasses.  They goofed and sent me distance.  Also, I learned two Beatles guitar parts – electric solo from “And I Love Her” and some of the solo from “You Can’t Do That.”

For those paintings…I kinda think they are both very close to done (the top one especially) so I may just make that decision this weekend and pull out the other two I am working on.  One is on glass and the other on canvas.

Maybe it is not about “work” but “should”…giant shoulds hanging over my head – I should record more music, I should study something, I should finish this or that…

Recently put up this Guy Debord quote on my Facebook page…”Like lost children we live our unfinished adventures.” – I think I like that very much.

Thanks for reading…not much writing focus today…

Everything is an ellipsis…


Tonight’s dinner…

…because I know I just need to start writing and I don’t expect genius the first time out…OK, let’s get started…


I subscribe to the Hello Fresh service and just very simply tonight I made a french onion burger with kale chips. I toasted buns and spread béchamel sauce on them – which is really nothing but butter, flour and milk with a little bit of nutmeg.

I felt it was missing a kick but afterwards I did get that “spicy lips” feeling…I figured it was the kale/salt.   I should mention here that I never use “real salt” unless I need to boil water.  I use Nu-Salt which is potassium.  I also subbed in white pepper for black pepper.


Here’s the Hello Fresh recipe…really nothing super-special in here but the French accents (my French & American friends please forgive me, I firmly believe that ever since mid-century making anything sound “French” engenders a certain class-conscious nose-upturning, not unlike listening to prog-rock or sending kids to ballet lessons).

Ok, not too bad for a “first post”….please enjoy whatever meal you are having and be thankful to whatever forces you deem necessary…because it only takes one or two changes in our lives for us 99% to suddenly wonder where the next meal is coming from.