Lead (May 2008 Mix) by Stinkfinger Overdrive

https://youtu.be/HOrzhqsDzMg An earlier and admittedly not much different mix than what was released on the album “No Underwear,” this features differences in percussion and may be missing a few tracks. This mix was made in May 2008 from recordings in April and May. This was two months before the final released mix in July 2008. It was mixed by Jimmy Lem and mastered on 21 Apr 2019 at the Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratory in Massapequa, NY, USA.

Stinkfinger Overdrive are:
Ralph Dar – bass
Jimmy Lem – guitar, vocals, electronics
Amy Geladze – loops
Aybek Vanna Alisher – keyboards
Gavin Wright – drums, percussions, programmings
Gordon Mercer – sax

The originally released version exists (for now) here on this album release page – http://bit.ly/2GwWgma