14 May 2020 iPhone MIDI into Reason Generative Session

https://youtu.be/QxetPg_B16o Started by loading up a pair of Rozeta Particle AUs into Audiobus 3 to feed an advertised MIDI session on my PC which was created by using rtpMIDI. I fed that into Reason where I loaded up Europa, messed with a preset and adding some effects. During this, I also removed one of the Particles and put a Bassline AU in parallel with it and then filtered that using a Scalar. I enjoyed some of the bass sounds here. Enjoy!


May 10 2020 VCV Rack MIDI to Reason Generative Session

https://youtu.be/Gt2kNw6EHEY I’ve been re-learning Reason – specifically how to use the MIDI Editor and/or generate some random music and capture at least the audio – for the past few days, even though I know I can just load it up as a VST now into Ableton Live. Today I decided to either use an outboard sequencer (Arturia Beatstep) or another program and I settled on using VCV Rack into LoopMIDI into Reason, capturing audio with the MRecorder VST. Here are the results.

Bonus – includes me overwriting the WAV output from the 25 minutes prior to starting the video!

VCV Rack – TheXOR Uncertain, ML Quantum, GoodSheppard SEQ3st, Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow LFO
LoopMIDI by Tobias Erichson
Reason 11 – NN-XT Glock, DDL-1, Sweeper Modulation Effect, The Echo, Melda Productions MRecorder


May 03 2020 FLStudio Sunday Kick Drone Experiment

https://youtu.be/x5u88q-TTS4 Picking up on yesterday’s failed experiment and following up with a few more yesterday, I now understand a bit better how to use the playlist and automations. I do a bit more talking than usual on this one because now I am a bit more comfortable.

I’m using a 3xOsc kick and I spend time automating the oscillators as well as then adding delays and distortions and automating them and spending time exploring the automation sequencing and the randomization there and the possibilities of overlaying/skewing different automations. I also mess with the LFO automations. Near the end, I take a side trip into Edison, which is a cool concept to this Ableton Live user – a VST that captures and records – though I don’t record the MIDI, I did learn that yesterday with a short piano improv.


May 02 2020 Beatstep iPad Phosphor 2 generative session (outdoor, with windy voiceover)

https://youtu.be/lPz-P86DeBA Another experiment, this time using Arturia Beatstep connected via MIDI to an iPad mini which is passing through a Rozeta scaler into an edited saw preset (with a slower attack, so sort of a pad) which then goes into GliderVerb (later added FAC Bandit to distort) and recorder into AudioShare for upload into Dropbox.

Windy voiceover with birds, lawnmowers and other sounds – included at no additional charge. Still not sure what mic I was using but I was too far away. Voice gets overwhelmed by the wind and music but does cut through during the quiet spots. Take it or leave it.


May 02 FLStudio Saz Kick Drone experiment gone a bit south

https://youtu.be/eMINN0O28JI Here’s an experiment (with a decent but infrequent voiceover) with FLStudio this morning using a saz sample/soundfont and a kick sample. The idea in my head was to create a loop using both playing similar parts, speed it up until it blurred into a drone using slow attack times and then transfer it to the playlist to manipulate the automation. It wasn’t well thought out and I would recommend skipping to around 26:00 when you hit 12:00 because that middle part is just me trying to work out how to move patterns into the playlist, which I was not successful at. At this point I decided to turn on Edison and hit record to get audio (even though this video captures more, including some stomach growling, chair creaking and me searching on my iPhone for instructions on how to move things to the playlist). The last 6 or so minutes are interesting I guess and the first 10-12 just to see how I went from point a to b.

After I made this video, I walked away and came back and looked up how do the playlist thing.


April 26 2020 Ableton Live Generative Session

https://youtu.be/5iuDX_D4QMU In this video, in a series of many videos exploring my experiments not only in music but also in video sharing, I’m using Ableton Live and an Ableton instrument called “Alpine Sprinkle” which appears to be a combination of Ableton’s stock Electric plugin, their FM synthesis engine Operator and some Max4Live probability. Initially this was going to be an exploration of Audiomodern’s filterstep VST and at some early point, I decided to try to record my own narration as I manipulate the devices. The voice audio is too low at times, so my apologies.

Thanks for sticking around for the whole video.