April 26 2020 Ableton Live Generative Session

https://youtu.be/5iuDX_D4QMU In this video, in a series of many videos exploring my experiments not only in music but also in video sharing, I’m using Ableton Live and an Ableton instrument called “Alpine Sprinkle” which appears to be a combination of Ableton’s stock Electric plugin, their FM synthesis engine Operator and some Max4Live probability. Initially this was going to be an exploration of Audiomodern’s filterstep VST and at some early point, I decided to try to record my own narration as I manipulate the devices. The voice audio is too low at times, so my apologies.

Thanks for sticking around for the whole video.


April 12 2020 Back Porch iPad SynthOne Shaper Generative Meditation

https://youtu.be/1saXq1yltBo Part IXII of an exploratory series. This one used some Rozeta MIDI AUs, the SynthOne instrument and one of my favorites – the Shaper effect.

There’s a lot of faux tape looper stuff here and I play a bit with key and scale changes to keep it moving. Experimental music has no formula besides “do something you are not so familiar with.” That’s what this is.


April 12 2020 Ableton Live Generative Session – Hybrid Latin Jazz Drum Rack (Audio only)

https://youtu.be/xMkrvfhMaSM Part XI of an exploratory series.

I set up a little Live set using the technique of feeding a few random midi loops into one drum rack. I picked something sort of electronic – a Latin Hybrid thing – and threw in a very glitchy twitchy effect rack and randomized a bunch of stuff with LFOs. It was pretty crazy going for a while and then while recording, I swapped out that kit for a very normal jazz kit and let that go for a while. After that, I turned off the effect and let the natural drums do their thing.


April 06 2020 iPad Beatwave Shaper Altispace generative session

https://youtu.be/O9QhgC8_JKk Part IX of an exploratory series as I attempt to learn how to use screen recording software. This one used the excellent Beatwave app. The app is limited in how you can shape sounds (which are optional extra buys) but very neat if you need to generate some random notes or beats.

I start out simply by letting Beatwave do its thing with a synth patch and then add in Shaper and later Altispace. I spent some time checking out the interactions between the two external effects and the ones built into Beatwave. Closer to the end, I change over to a drum sample kit and really push the Shaper while messing with speeds both in the randomization as well as the overall tempo of the piece.



April 5 2020 VCV Rack generative session

https://youtu.be/vSUMC6N8zW0 Part VIII of an exploratory series as I attempt to learn how to use screen recording software. This one uses VCV Rack – the free Eurorack-like modular soft synth – and specifically uses the Macro Oscillator, Shaper, Caudal, Seq3 & Seriously Slow LFO modulules.

As with many of my VCV sessions, this gets way out there and also features lots of blind alleys and dead ends.


April 04 2020 iPad Audiobus Fractal Bits GliderVerb

https://youtu.be/j1QTZIZFqDw Part VII of an exploratory series as I attempt to learn how to use screen recording software. This one is mainly an electronic percussion exploration using the Fractal Bits app to generate the sound. The notes are generated using two Rozeta AUs – Bassline and Arpeggiator. I use GliderVerb as an additional reverb on top of what is already included in Fractal Bits.

I did something wrong near the end and lost the WAV audio I was recording in AudioShare so I am pretty darn happy I made this screen capture. After the fact, I used Audacity to convert the MP4 to a WAV.