Another Summer, Another End

End Of The Summer


Just a repost of an old Medium post I came across last night.

(BW photo is from a short distance away from the color one in the Medium article and dates from earlier in 2014…I think March – cold, early spring).

Summer Changes – Goodbye Facebook!

I’ve decided to limit my Facebook usage to the point where I will be disabling my personal account with the intent of deletion while keeping certain other pages (for my art and my music) alive under other accounts.  These other accounts will not accept friends.

Facebook announced that it would no longer allow third party apps like Buffer to post on personal accounts.  I’ve been using this to limit my real-time interactive usage for at least a year or two.


Friday night I went to the Whitney Museum in lower Manhattan and was struck by a few things –

  • The amount of people who were lined up just to get into the museum and do something “in real life.”
  • The amount of people looking at their smart phones who were missing out on a fuller experience of art.
  • Instead, people were more interested in the art as something to post online.  This is cool because well…maybe they are artists of one type or another or big fans but it did seem initially somewhat distracting to me – a negative thing.  Not to mention that two people walked into me because they were too busy looking down at their devices.
  • Distraction is distracting!  No other way to say it…


I believe in alternate process.  Believe me, this is no reaction to the “digital world.”  This is no “analog rules” post.  That stuff makes me sick.  I’ve always been an advocate of two things…

#1, There is more than one way to skin a cat, meaning digital art is just as valid, remixing is just as valid and…

#2, Be mindful.  Realize that flipping through a bunch of pages on the MoMA site is not the same as sitting in a museum and getting lost in a painting for more than a half hour.   Both are valid but they should be conscious decisions and appreciated as such.


While I have so much more to say and write and I’m still working on notifying people on Facebook and exchanging contact info, if you care about me just know these three words – it feels right.

Thanks for reading!

Weekend Crash Time (or “everything is an ellipsis in parentheses and lowercase”)

The first weather-restricting weekend of the season…

First thoughts are “work”…things, tasks, chores, stuff…work…

Move the bicycle indoors…(this is how I get around most of the time)


Fix the pickup on that one guitar…(Jay Turser take on a reversed Ventures-esque Mosrite…I am putting in that foil neck pickup and goofed it up by wiring it incorrectly)


Add more layers to this painting…(named “stop always saying what everyone wants to hear”)


Or this painting…(titled “slowly back and forth in sanguine rhythm”)


Make that honey chicken recipe…(HelloFresh has some great stuff to cook)


Iron clothes…(uggggghhhh)


Dodge all the “work” and drink…(recently a Georgian waitress and friend introduced me to some of the wine traditions of her country)


I’d like to know how to separate myself from this “work” concept and just “be”…because it seems counter-productive (which in and of itself I must admit, ties back into this “work” concept).

I think the best thing I can do is make a commitment to get some shoes on and get out there today…going out to dinner usually helps.  I will make the chicken tomorrow…and of all these things above…most of them have the potential to lift my mood – taking care of the bike for instance, saving money and being so proud to cook my own food…and though it is harder for me to reach into – even ironing clothes to look better…

I would like to work in some other stuff – watch some Hulu (but not too much), read some of the four or so books I am reading (I will bring one when I go out…check out more of that band Warpaint, whose songs like “Beetles” and “Krimson” from their 2008 EP are tattooed looping in my brain…this morning I went over to YouTube and Echo/Alexa and listened to some newer stuff…I liked it all…

I should also own what I have already done – laundry and calling up to set up my exchange for those new reading glasses.  They goofed and sent me distance.  Also, I learned two Beatles guitar parts – electric solo from “And I Love Her” and some of the solo from “You Can’t Do That.”

For those paintings…I kinda think they are both very close to done (the top one especially) so I may just make that decision this weekend and pull out the other two I am working on.  One is on glass and the other on canvas.

Maybe it is not about “work” but “should”…giant shoulds hanging over my head – I should record more music, I should study something, I should finish this or that…

Recently put up this Guy Debord quote on my Facebook page…”Like lost children we live our unfinished adventures.” – I think I like that very much.

Thanks for reading…not much writing focus today…

Everything is an ellipsis…

Come Cook Microwave

She said it was the biggest one she’d ever seen

Come fill me, oh my wonder
Come touch Plains Indians
Come cook microwave
Think of the old hag with the doll hair
Think of the fig vinegar stench
Think Resurrection
Virginia Woolf
Lyin’ on her back

From the skull to the soles is one unit
The skull to the chin
One eighth

(c) 1991 & 2014,Jim Lemanowicz

All rights reserved

Cranberry Sauce

Long one so get comfortable – like John Lennon may have said “I’m very bored” or maybe it was “I buried Paul” or maybe just “cranberry sauce.”

My drummer and Dead fan friend Paul sent me this link to an article about Bob Weir’s early favorite – the Guild Starfire

Always enjoyed Weir’s voice and playing.  But all of those guys are very talented and good people and very lucky to follow their dreams.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Phil’s bladder cancer.

That guitar is very cool – When looking a guitar pics, I immediately almost always look at the pickups and if I see new ones, I think to myself that I’d like to find a guitar with those pickups.  I care less about the guitar itself, the pickups to me are important.  Not even the play-ability because the limitations can guide or force you in the context of a song to maybe concentrate on lyrics, percussion or bass or whatever.   The pickups.

Nice article about old pickups that are not the standard Fender Gibson ones we all have heard about a zillion times…I have yet to digest this but it looks like a good resource.   Speaking of digestion…I’ll be right back!

Continuing on…

I subscribe to this great free magazine called Tape Op.  Just search for it and give them your address – I think they have lots of sample articles and maybe a few PDF copies to download and check out on their site.  Anyway, they had this cool interview with a guy named Deke Dickerson who is an author, guitarist and records other people.  He seems to be associated with retro-minded musics like rockabilly but also seems very multi-faceted, funny and intelligent.

My memory is a little fuzzy here but perhaps because of this I looked up the EchoSonic which was apparently the first tape echo (within a guitar amp, from what I understand).  This was invented/made by Ray Butts.  I looked him up to find that he also invented a guitar humbucker pre-Gibson that became the Gretsch Filter’Tron.

Gretsch and Guild have forever been associated in my mind as two other G manufacturers who were not Gibson.  So full circle.  Kinda.

Have a swell day!


Why limit one’s intake & creation of art by putting rules in front of it?

An artist always edits their work. In camera, by framing or in a darkroom by dodging and burning, carefully selecting film grain or camera straps.

Purists may ultimately not be artists at all by succumbing to their fears and latching onto a set of rules rather than facing the scary truth that they are more unlimited than they give themselves credit for.

In other words, putting a set of limitations on how another presents art is eventually an environment to grow out of or die trying.