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Another Summer, Another End

End Of The Summer


Just a repost of an old Medium post I came across last night.

(BW photo is from a short distance away from the color one in the Medium article and dates from earlier in 2014…I think March – cold, early spring).

Poetry Writing

Come Cook Microwave

She said it was the biggest one she’d ever seen

Come fill me, oh my wonder
Come touch Plains Indians
Come cook microwave
Think of the old hag with the doll hair
Think of the fig vinegar stench
Think Resurrection
Virginia Woolf
Lyin’ on her back

From the skull to the soles is one unit
The skull to the chin
One eighth

(c) 1991 & 2014,Jim Lemanowicz

All rights reserved

Photography Poetry

Look Truth Straight In The Eye


Truth. What is truth?

Truth is what actually is.

Fine. How about your connection to the truth? What happens when you find out that what you thought you knew wasn’t actually true?

This truth…how did you get there? Who told you about their truth? Did you assume that their truth was yours? Did you wait for their attention to validate that this shared imagined truth was actually true? Did it suddenly make less sense when you found that their truth was not for you? Did it suddenly make less sense when your imagined truth about them was not the truth after all? What if you decided to go along with their truth and leave yours behind?

So many times I have thought I knew the truth. So many times I have waited until I thought I knew the truth so that I can build a firm foundation upon it and move on. What if we don’t need to do that? What if any connection to the truth will always be an oversimplification of “what actually is”? What if waiting for the truth is just another way to take the easy way out and cave in to fear?

The problem with truth is that you have to constantly reevaluate exactly what it is. You can’t stand still. Once you sit back and stop paying attention, you run the risk of losing your connection with the essence of it. You also have to admit every once in a while that you can miss it. You need to understand that you only sometimes get it in pieces.

You can’t let the fact that you missed the truth this particular time stop you from looking for it again. Because then you can’t move on. If you can accept that things are the way they are yet at the same time accept that the point of convergence of control is actually within your own head. The truth itself may never be fully known — it may not even exist. That is the only part of the truth that you actually ever needed to know and that you can be comfortable within your own skin knowing that you didn’t know….then you can move on.

What if the truth was wonder, dreaming, hoping, planning and promise? What if the truth was just simply the purposeful act of doing? What if the truth was actually the struggle to do.

The truth is quite possibly that you wake up in a slightly new place each morning and what you actually are is yours until you yourself die. The truth is love and that truth is already within you.

I look truth straight
In the eye
When the world around
Crumbles into dust
I remain unshaken

I am not open
To your evaluation
My value is not
For you to set

My love
Comes from within
I was born this way
Can’t take it away

Don’t wait
To reach the goal
Don’t think
You can know

I never break a promise
To myself
Because I alone
Am the truth

…and what I have to offer

(published today on Medium and to my Facebook friends)

Photography Poetry

No Link


There is no
Link that I
Click that would
Compare to
Your laugh
Your eyes
Your voice

There is no
Trick, no shortcut
No invisible ink
That could compare
To being with you

To touch through
A machine
A wire through all of this
When one-to-one was
So easy and fun

10 Sept 2014
© 2014, Jim Lemanowicz
All rights reserved

Photography Poetry

Freedom & Gravity



Flying down Front
Street, diode-lit

And freedom

No narrowing
Space, pain and force
Force of attraction

Just freedom

25 Aug 2014
Photo – 15 Aug 2014
© 2014, Jim Lemanowicz


Photography Poetry

They Think?


I went with you to the park

I returned with traces
Of the red lip-stick licked
On my lips

What will they

What will
They think?

28 Sep 1988
© 1988 & 2014, Jim Lemanowicz
All rights reserved



Photography Poetry



We are dancing
Slow, close
Our noses, less than an inch apart
Both of us want
To lean in
Just a little closer
To kiss

Each teasing breath
On my cheek
And every cross-eyed glimpse
I get of you
Makes me want you even more

9 April 1989
(c) 1989, 2014, Jim Lemanowicz
All rights reserved
Photo 2008

Photography Poetry

Big Scenes



I’m acting out
A script of my own

The perfect actor

Until these big scenes
Where it always
Fall apart

14 June 1990
(c) 1990, 2014, Jim Lemanowicz
All rights reserved
Photo – 17 Dec 2010 – Jim Lemanowicz


“See Me Now”

I’ve published a small ebook of poetry from 1989-91 on Amazon




Photography Poetry

Pillow (Dream)


Your arms are bare on my back
Your breath is August
On my shoulder

When I woke up
My pillow needed fluffing

(c) 1990, 2014, JIm Lemanowicz
All rights reserved
Photo – 9/2/2008