“Second” by Blind River Jr

Conceived, recorded, mixed & mastered Mar 29 – Apr 02 2023 by Jim Lemanowicz at Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories of Massapequa, NY and on East 70th St, NYC. Some lyrics based on Short Faces (poem from 21 Sep 2017).

©2023 Jim Lemanowicz

Voice, Jay Turser Mustang, Brian Funk’s 100 Year Old Piano, Ableton Live 11, Ableton/M4L devices, (including Vector Delay, Reverb, Random, Scale, Beat Repeat, Buffer Shuffler, Designer Drums – Carbonized, Spectral Blur, Harmonic Filter, Pitch Hack), nylon string guitar, cuatro, electric piano

—- for what it is worth, here is the prompt I used for this – I came up with this —-

Marchapril Week 0 “Grupo Madí”

Word Prompt: How do you know that time is passing?

Musical Prompt: Give your music an irregular shape.

Grupo Madí – a Buenos Aires art movement of the 1940s, focused on playing with traditional conventions of Western art. For instance, irregularly-shaped canvases.


By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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