“Momentary Pure Glaze” by Microtherapist The original recording for this was on 16 Dec 2019 was Day 258 in the ongoing 100 Day Project timeline.

This was a generative sequence based on the notes G3, F#3, D#3 & C#3. I used Ableton Live & Operator, the Max 4 Live device “Expression Control” by schlam to interpret velocity. This was then run through two different delays which would be activated by different note velocities. On the original recording day, I captured two stereo variations and these were allowed to run together throughout the entirely of the piece from start to finish. Using this as it existed, I did some additional stretching on 05 Feb 2023 to make the piece run slower.

The title for this piece came from a head revision of a poem I wrote on a train on 22 Jan 2020 called “Song 92.”

I recorded this in Massapequa, NY for Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories & Blister Pop Unlimited.

I took the artwork photography here as well as some others to be included in an album released centered on 17 Dec 2019 from a car in Manhattan, NY, USA.

©2019, 2023 Jim Lemanowicz



By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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