“Accidents Are The Best Gesundheit” by Microtherapist (9 Jul 2019) 9 Jul 2019 was Day 99 in the ongoing 100 Day Project timeline. This was not the “official” 100 Day piece because I recorded 6 things that day.

For this I used Propellerhead’s Thor app and Chris Carlson’s Borderlands Granular on and iPad mini 4. I transferred this to Ableton Live 11 on 06 Jan 2023 and stretched and effected it a bit.

The title for this piece came from an absurd interjection I made in a conversation I was having in Sarah Belle Reid’s Discord about accidents on 6 Jan 2023.

I recorded this for Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories & Blister Pop Unlimited.

I took the artwork photography here as well as some others to be included in a possible album released centered on that day in Massapequa, NY, USA while cleaning up after a painting session on 11 Sep 2019 with an iPhone 7 Plus and edited in Photoshop Lightroom on 13 Jan 2023.

©2019, 2023 Jim Lemanowicz



By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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