“Honey Waterloo” by Microtherapist (20 Dec 2021) I recorded this about a year ago while exploring my Neutron semi-modular. I also used a Korg SQ1 sequencer, as well as Ableton Live.

I derived the title from the name of the starting preset I used in the photo, as well as other photos, which may become part of a finished album package.

Jimmy Lem recorded this on 20 Dec 2021 for Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories & Blister Pop Unlimited. This was Day 901 of the 100 Day Project.

Photograph was taken in Massapequa on 24 Oct 2021 and edited in Picasa 3 and Adobe Lightroom.

©2022 Jim Lemanowicz



By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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