“Cross-Eyed Chives” by Microtherapist (30 Sep 2019) For this, I used the following VCV Rack modules – Blamsoft XFX Wave, some Surge VOCs, JW Modules NoteSeq, Audible Instruments Tidal Modular and Random Sampler, some Vult Basal oscillators and AS TriLFO.

The title comes from a note I wrote myself on 31 May 2019. I grow chives every year. I like them in scrambled eggs with some black pepper and porcini salt.

Jimmy Lem recorded this on 30 Sept 2019 for Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories & Blister Pop Unlimited.

Photograph by Jimmy Lem, Whitney Museum of American Art, outdoor gallery on 19 Sep 2019 with an iPhone 7 Plus using the ProCamera app at approximately 8:15PM Eastern Time.

©2022 Jim Lemanowicz



By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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