The Silent, Understood (disquiet0543) by Our Quiet Fog

“The Silent, Understood” by Our Quiet Fog

Recorded, mixed & mastered May 27 2022 by Jim Lemanowicz at Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories of Massapequa.

©2022 Jim Lemanowicz

Process notes –

– Am6 inversion.
– Ableton Random device
– Velocity device to allow for about a 50% chance of randomness
– Arpeggiator device
– Chord device
– chose a basic EIC2 grand piano (legacy Live Pack) sound for this.
– Scale device set to C Iwato
– Live’s Echo device
– I used 2 Random Max4Live LFO devices

At around 26+ minutes. Turn off looping, disable record arm, disable the MIDI track.

Ready to review, I find a spot near 14 min and draw in a fade during the quick part and decide to give it a fade out for the purposes of the Junto. I decide this piece will be called “The Silent, Understood” I do an export to WAV and check the file on disk. 4:36. A bit long for my Juntos, but whatever. It could have been 26 minutes!

– Ozone 9 master using a slight variation on a classical preset with some reduced lufs-iness.

Art – captured 06 Feb 2010 with a Sony Cybershot in Massapequa, NY, USA


This original version of “The Silent, Understood” was submitted as part of ​Disquiet Junto Project 0543: Disquiet Junto Project 0543: Technique Check. The Assignment: Share a tip from your method toolbox.

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