No Stern Untuned by A Moral Vicinity disquiet0531

Recorded & mixed Mar 04-05 2022 by Jim Lemanowicz at Blissville Electro-Magnetic Laboratories of Massapequa.

©2022 Jim Lemanowicz

This track was submitted as part of Disquiet Junto Project 0531: Noise Sculpt.

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Process notes –
This project was a bit special to me because I sleep with brown noise and a fan and sometimes as I am waking, I swear I hear music that is not there.

This track uses an ipad recording of the same fan and brown noise which was then further manipulated with the ipad field recording app FieldScaper by Igor Vasiliev. I then simulated one of the melodies using a guitar sample I recorded in November 2013 and then pitch-shifted.

I have a standard finishing process that includes Ableton Live’s limiter and utility plugins followed by applying iZotope Ozone Elements at my discretion.


By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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