May 03 2020 FLStudio Sunday Kick Drone Experiment Picking up on yesterday’s failed experiment and following up with a few more yesterday, I now understand a bit better how to use the playlist and automations. I do a bit more talking than usual on this one because now I am a bit more comfortable.

I’m using a 3xOsc kick and I spend time automating the oscillators as well as then adding delays and distortions and automating them and spending time exploring the automation sequencing and the randomization there and the possibilities of overlaying/skewing different automations. I also mess with the LFO automations. Near the end, I take a side trip into Edison, which is a cool concept to this Ableton Live user – a VST that captures and records – though I don’t record the MIDI, I did learn that yesterday with a short piano improv.



By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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