May 02 FLStudio Saz Kick Drone experiment gone a bit south Here’s an experiment (with a decent but infrequent voiceover) with FLStudio this morning using a saz sample/soundfont and a kick sample. The idea in my head was to create a loop using both playing similar parts, speed it up until it blurred into a drone using slow attack times and then transfer it to the playlist to manipulate the automation. It wasn’t well thought out and I would recommend skipping to around 26:00 when you hit 12:00 because that middle part is just me trying to work out how to move patterns into the playlist, which I was not successful at. At this point I decided to turn on Edison and hit record to get audio (even though this video captures more, including some stomach growling, chair creaking and me searching on my iPhone for instructions on how to move things to the playlist). The last 6 or so minutes are interesting I guess and the first 10-12 just to see how I went from point a to b.

After I made this video, I walked away and came back and looked up how do the playlist thing.



By Jimmy Lem

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