April 01 2020 FL Studio Generative Session April 01 2020 FL Studio Generative Session

Part IV of an exploratory series (I am on vacation up until today) as I attempt to learn how to use screen recording software. This was done with VoiceMeeter and OBS. Shortly after this video, I finally figured out how to add a mic into the final video when making sure that my video meeting software will work tomorrow for my job. I might make it more interesting (or not) by talking about what I am doing in upcoming episodes. I also worked out some improved video capture settings which might make new episodes that much better.

Even though it was the first DAW I ever liked, I haven’t kept up with all the changes in FLS. I certainly have not done most of the more advanced stuff I can do well in Ableton Live. However, I am finding that watching my own videos can be helpful in catching things I would have otherwise not remembered how to do after stumbling upon it.

That said, this one is a bit slow – and I entirely forgot about limiting so the second half frequently goes into full blast red. I’m using all FLStudio native plugins – Granulizer, Peak Controller, Formula Controller, Soft Clipper, Delay 2, Love Philter – along with some samples I’ve collected since back when Fruity Loops 3.5 was my main choice.



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