Tonight’s dinner…

…because I know I just need to start writing and I don’t expect genius the first time out…OK, let’s get started…


I subscribe to the Hello Fresh service and just very simply tonight I made a french onion burger with kale chips. I toasted buns and spread béchamel sauce on them – which is really nothing but butter, flour and milk with a little bit of nutmeg.

I felt it was missing a kick but afterwards I did get that “spicy lips” feeling…I figured it was the kale/salt.   I should mention here that I never use “real salt” unless I need to boil water.  I use Nu-Salt which is potassium.  I also subbed in white pepper for black pepper.


Here’s the Hello Fresh recipe…really nothing super-special in here but the French accents (my French & American friends please forgive me, I firmly believe that ever since mid-century making anything sound “French” engenders a certain class-conscious nose-upturning, not unlike listening to prog-rock or sending kids to ballet lessons).

Ok, not too bad for a “first post”….please enjoy whatever meal you are having and be thankful to whatever forces you deem necessary…because it only takes one or two changes in our lives for us 99% to suddenly wonder where the next meal is coming from.



By Jimmy Lem

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