WordPress should change its name to SpamPress

There’s just too much spam on here – on the internet in general.

One day…maybe it was in the 90’s maybe it was later…each one of us said, “Hey, I’ll post my (whatever) on the internet and people will notice me” and I gotta say that yeah, some of you should be noticed.  But more and more and more, I’m just sick of how each little pocket I find becomes infiltrated in just so much bullshit superficial whore self-promoting nonsense.
I barely look at WordPress anymore because I can’t for the life of me find the people I wanted to connect with originally anymore.

All comments welcome.  Likes are not comments.


By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers.

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2 replies on “WordPress should change its name to SpamPress”

The world has changed such that the elixir of life is no longer connection, but self-aggrandizement. I wish I could offer encouragements or say that I’ve had different experiences, but I’m finding that we are really in the Selfie Age, or more rightly, the Age of Self(ishness). WordPress has devolved to being people clicking “like” without actually looking at whatever anyone produced. I come on less often than I used to, and other bother about stuff I like.

Of course I’m as guilty as anyone else, since I rarely comment, so perhaps I should STFU.


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