“I remember”…

“I remember” – the motto of Quebec…which incidentally, no one living can remember exactly what that means. Oh, there are theories but no one actually knows for sure.

By Jimmy Lem

Things in my head that make it to my fingers

2 replies on ““I remember”…”

…in the case of Quebec (I lived there 5 years, and my daughter is in Montreal), it seemed to me the motto really meant, ‘never forget’, for truly it remains a unique island of unique culture, surrounded by a sea of anglo-absorption, poised to swallow-up and digest those who strive ‘to remember’. Thank you for this post. It makes us think. Quebec is a jewel in Canada’s crown and must stay French and itself.

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I thought it would be interesting to post…not so much because I have a strong opinion about this but just slice of humanity, I guess.


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