Film Processing Today…

My film processing today was a (temporary) bust…

My first choice was a roll that I knew was exposed to light (a little) – a color (C-40) roll…for those who don’t know, color is usually handled in a lab…but I found that it could be processed like a certain BW film (Ilford HP5+)…sooo not easy going in but a good candidate for a “test run.”

I got an old/new developing tank on ebay that can also handle 110 film (most can’t)…so I tried to use that but couldn’t get it on the reel so I put film back in canister and pulled out my other tank. 45 minutes of struggling and I finally got the film on the reel.

Figured out my chemistry and dilutions and set up three nice beakers…just about to start when I got a better look at the developer – BROWN…not good…disposed of it & left the film in the tank and am ordering more chemistry now…


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