Tuesday GTD post

Today I’ll put in a rundown of my Next actions in my “GTD” project…

An article about Hipster PDA – moved to Someday
Make My Documents (Home Computer) into a GTD reference system – converted to Project
Review Waiting For and add due and reference dates – stays in Next
Review Slack page – moved to Someday
Remove Projects that aren’t really Projects – stays in Next
An article about working on weekends – moved to Someday
Productivity 101, GTD Primer – moved to Someday, to concentrate on finishing the book
Guide to note-taking – moved to Someday
GTD in Outlook – moved to Someday, so far my system of forwarding tasks and meetings to DoIT.IM works great for emails that break the two-minute rule
Schedules of Successful People article – moved to Someday
Contexts list reassessment – stays in Next
50 Rut-Busting Tips For Improved Workflow – moved to Someday

In addition, I added an item
Use notecards to enumerate/inbox everything around the apartment


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