GTD Tuesday Post

This one will be short…  I’m getting close to 50% complete on the GTD book.

GTD usingthe Doit.IM workflow was fantastic coming back to work today after having Monday off.  Stress level was much lower than what surrounds these situations typically.  “Waiting For” list proved invaluable.

Still –

Someday, Next and “Reference” (which does not exist in the program/app/site at all) were still a bit of a blur for me.  I used Next a bit but I can’t help but feeling that I am not using it consistently.  I had so much stuff in Next that I ended up taking a little time to get some of it into Someday.  I created a “Reference” context not long ago but since it is not really a context, that adds complexity that does not work with this system.   I started thinking that it should be a Focus and put in a feature request for that.

I’ve previously put in a feature request to allow drag/drop to tags, which I have stopped using almost entirely.  My Inbox workflow is to drag a new item to context first and then to Project, which makes the item disappear from Inbox.  My workflow problem will be and is to not have the Focus set when I drag into a project…what’s wrong with that is Focus will make the item disappear from the Inbox, so you have to “chase” it, which is distracting if I am “Inboxing.”

General Projects aren’t really making it for me either – so I might leave tasks “Projectless” but I am not sure if that will increase stress…That’s all I have for today.


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