GTD – reference – Tuesday post on Monday

I’m about 1/3 through the book and have been resisting not reading any other books, with varying results.  I started reading another book on weekends but I need to rethink that and my time online.

Apparently maintaining a reference system is key to the GTD methodology.

So far, I have been a bit fuzzy on how to handle reference.  Doit.IM does not – on the surface – have a reference system so I’ve been using a “reference” context to note either something I may want to read someday (and adding it to the “someday” view) or to note something that could be useful for a project and dropping it under a project folder.

I’m starting to formulate something concerning these fuzzy areas where Doit and GTD meet –

– use tags for reference instead of having one giant reference context because I know I am not going to be consistent with it

– use context strictly for the place I do the task…my fuzzy area here is that I use a “computer” context to indicate work pc, home pc, smart phone or ipads…because so many apps are cross-platform.  I’m going to leave that fuzzy alone for now.

– use projects for work projects, for home projects but also maintain projects that are named things like “general photography” “music work” and “discovery – music art photo film”…these might break down later entirely or just become permanant containers from which to spawn more specific projects like “make a macro album on flickr” “mix down 1996 music material and release” “learn how to paint faces” and “get a car”…these projects are essentially review lists that have not been activated and will need a few hours to digest
– “goals” will be containers for projects and I am waiting until I see this called out in the book before I start to use them.

– also physical stuff – I have to spend a nice afternoon or month of weekends even filing physical things into these contexts and projects and into a reference system.  I’m waiting to get the electronic side sorted out a bit more but physical is coming soon.


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