Tuesday night post – GTD – getting things done…

I have been at David Allen’s system for about a month…using Doit.IM as the main electronic tool.  My Kindle app tells me that I am only 21% completed on the book, so I added that as a nightly task for myself.

I am just becoming aware that reviewing and reflecting are very important – not only for the daily popups that the app gives me but also looking back at the Next list .  This blog I believe is “reflecting”…I just hadn’t consciously thought of it…and consciously thinking of everything is apparently how the system works…

Still rather fuzzy on whether things should be goals or projects or tags.  Contexts I’ve got.  Projects make sense at work.  It’s really the stuff that are either “endless proejcts” like household general things or bills, things like that.  Harder to define.   Tags I almost hate – because the app can’t drag to them…they are almost an afterthought and I think a distraction.  Goals I like but I can see Goals as a collection of Projects.  This may be the way I do it.

The Next list has changed for me from being something that *has* to be done (because that is what the calendar is for) to things that you do when you have extra time.  A close cousin to the Next list are tasks that are not scheduled by time of day but rather by day.  Still mixing those up a bit and wishing I can see them all in one spot.   Something I should schedule would be reviewing the Next list, perhaps twice a day.

Someday list is huge and I need to schedule something like monthly to review this one….

Waiting list is crucial and needs to be checked several times a day, much like each Project list and the calendar.

So that’s where I am – scheduling reviews.  I’m not sure if this is in line with the system or if I am going too deep in that direction…I will keep reading the book and adjust as it makes more sense to me.


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