Facebook Fasting – experiment zero

I’m once again abstaining from Facebook.  I think I can sum it up in a sentence: Other parts of my life need improvement and I’m not going to distract myself on Facebook when I should be fixing my life.

So this is not a drill, this is not an experiment, this is the real thing…this is the beginning of the real thing.

I figure that I need to work on –

Living Space

These are all basically related to money….I did so well with my weight, and all of these things are holding me back…there’s a core…a core that I think I hit when I started working on my weight.  Something that makes me stop trying…a fear.  Something that makes me not pay attention.  And I have been so fearless in the past but not so long ago…well I got trapped.  I got out of it but not far enough….Some of my friends on Facebook are truly deep – even some that I have never met, so I will go back – I just need to think this out.  I am generally a smiling happy person and being so serious is tough for me but I think I need to do it – figure out if I’ve ever truly been entirely serious, just for a little while.  I will miss my Facebook friends.


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