Facebook Fasting – experiment five

Interact physically…I have a series of meetings scheduled for the coming week to see four separate groups/people.  All of these were set up via Facebook prior the fasting and three are supposed to happen on Saturday, the day after I break the fast.

And there is the reality – Facebook is primarily limited to being a means to arranging a physically meeting.  It’s not real interaction – it’s a “social substitute”…”attention methadone”…not too much different than smoking or overeating and with some dangerous and not so obvious connections.

Also, interact physically with myself – always being on Facebook means never truly being alone.  I don’t know how it works for other people but I have lots of evidence that leads me to believe that I need to recharge, to get grounded, to take all the confusing pieces that rush by during a normal day and piece them all back together in my own language.  Constantly trying to always be active in this false world does not allow me to do this but only serves to further confuse.


3 thoughts on “Facebook Fasting – experiment five

    1. Between meds, work and not owning a car, it’s tough to do much real contact – my conclusion is that maybe mainly I’m just impatient


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