Facebook Fasting – experiment two

Today’s experiment was detached observance.  Sitting in a public place and observing without judgement.

I came to this by realizing somewhere between yesterday and today that as much as I wanted to read Thomas Pynchon’s V,  there were so many other books that I had not finished…and because I am not checking my FB account every five minutes, I opened the Kindle app on my phone and started to look for the Tao of Stress and picked up where I left off – at this exercise.  According to the book, to simplify one’s life one must first observe one’s self and it seems like the way into that is to just sit there and observe the rest of the world…and it seems to be true, my mind did open up…”flooded” is probably a better way to write it.  No, I did not have all the secrets of my universe revealed to me in ten simple minutes but you know I did get a shadow of an idea about how to change my LinkedIn profile…meaning that my work life is something I want to change.

I also was reminded of something I read the other day – “you can do anything but you can’t do everything.”  The first step today seems to be to accept the “flood” and then carefully consider what I want to do.


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